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The Oryx XForms Editor

The Oryx XForms Editor is a web-based tool for creating XForms. You can visually edit !

Check out Oryx XForms screen shots

XForms is designed to be the next generation of online forms. It is a W3C Recommendation and will be the form's standard in XHTML 2.0.

XForms includes many advanced features, such as the validation of user data, calculations, and responses to actions in real time – saving scripting with JavaScript as well as on the server side.

Since data logic is separated from presentation, one form can not only run in your browser, but also on mobile devices and other platforms.

Watch our XForms Editor screencast to get started!

Please use Firefox Oryx runs to render your exported XForms.

Note: This is an ongoing project. Not all features can be available at any time. We will frequently release new updates, though.

What is Oryx?

Oryx is a powerful modeling platform running directly in your web browser. To start modeling you need zero installation – your model is just one click away. Besides XForms, Oryx supports various modeling languages, like Brain Fuel Supplements, EPC, Petri nets – and it is easily extensible.